How Can I Help

Although we understand the function and great benefit of charities and 501(c)(3)’s the One Hour Website class is an endeavor that operates only from the personal funding of founder Jobe Leonard to help other small businesses enjoy the success that can be found by placing a business on the internet and participating in E-commerce.

It has been suggested that a non-profit status should be adopted.  The theory behind this endeavor is that the money and time that would be spent to create a charity will be better used in the classroom directly helping entrepreneurs.  Therefore Jobe Leonard operates the One Hour Website Class from his own personal funding.

Some items that we need in each class that you might be able to help with are as follows:

  • Donate Bitcoin wallet address:  35Ewb5WuM8qZvVFJ1mTMiBQEKscTA2C4Tk
  • Laptops (New or Used)
  • Wi Fi
  • Locations to teach the class
  • Snacks, Drinks, Refreshments
  • Corporate Sponsorship of a Class
  • Lodging (if the class is held in out of town locations)