What do I need for the One Hour Website Class?

one hour website for entrepreneur classes by jobe leonard

Once the location, date, and time is set for your class you only need to bring yourself.  We will have a suitable location with  Wi-Fi, Power Outlets, Teaching Aids, and everything you need to create your website in one hour.

Here is a list of some items that would be helpful to bring to your One Hour Website Class.

  • Laptop (if you do not have one let us know and we will find one for you)
  • Business Images (if you need help with logos we can show you how to create them for free)
  • Business Ideas (if you just want to learn web design we will have a template for those without a business to develop)
  • Great Attitude (we work together as a class and move through each step together, those who finish a portion of their site first will assist others until everyone is ready to proceed)
  • Pen and Paper (you are going to want to take some notes so you can build additional websites in the future, we encourage you to take notes)

On the day of the class we will ask you to show up 20 minutes early so we can get all the laptops set up on Wi-Fi and hosting setup for everyone’s website.  One hour later you will leave with a E-commerce ready website, ready to do business.